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Modern synth-pop electronic music with stylish and trendy sound. This catchy and atmospheric royalty free track with a house beat and soulful-jazzy harmony can be a great background for any makeup videos, beauty vlogs/, fashion shows and glamour lifestyle videos, as background for advertising, ads, TV and Radio shows, shops and boutique promo videos, dress, and design presentations. Feb 20,  · Free Music & Sound Clips for PowerPoint Presentations Finding a good music theme or sound for your PowerPoint slides can be a difficult task if we don’t know where to start searching. Fortunately Google and Bing can do a great work for us, but if we need to find a sound theme or music loop easily for PowerPoint, the following free and paid /5(5). The Best Free Presentation Software app downloads for Windows: PowerPoint Viewer Microsoft Office PowerPoint Microsoft Office Publisher Powe.

Music & Sound Clips for PowerPoint presentations

Whether you are sending your pitch deck or presenting in front of an audience, choosing the right background track will really make powerpoint presentations downloads presentation shine! We have outlined three tips below to help you choose the track that will drive your pitch home and strike an emotional chord with investors. Choose a track that glides along without a lot of fanfare. A steady pace will draw your audience in and help them focus on the content of each slide. Choose music that is gentle, powerpoint presentations downloads, positive and bright, with some moments that pause, then continue the dynamic.

Setting the right tone that relates to your idea will convey clarity and credibility to your audience. Whether the tone of your pitch is powerful and engaging or gentle and reassuring, the background music should match. When pitching your product to investors, let your passion shine through.

Your pitch deck should have all of the elements of a great story. If your presentation has a kick-in-the-pants spirit, the right background music will accentuate that. Making a presentation in front of a corporate event audience can be daunting. How do you really make an impact?

One way is to add a background track to your slide presentation. If you are presenting a slide show at a business dinner, conference, or trade show, read on to find out how to choose the best background music. Set the tone for the occasion by adding minimalist, even-toned music— more of a backdrop that your audience can focus their ears on.

Subtle music exudes a calm atmosphere. The right track can be barely noticeable but will still affect the audience in subtle ways. If your slide show has a high-energy, celebratory feel, choose tracks that engage powerpoint presentations downloads audience to feel that. Steady driving drums, danceable synth lines, and that dreamy backdrop give an air of brightness and positivity to your corporate presentation.

Sign In. Sign Up. Music for Presentation. Filter by Length BPM. Royalty free Presentation music Groovy Bass. Dynamic and catchy track, the bass draws a main melodic line and in it rhythm, harmonic structure and melodic guitar lines and synthesizers are added. Ideal for background corporate videos or projects, advertising, brands, slideshows, web videos, documentaries, photography production, motivational projects, radio podcast, tv ads, promo, general background music, where it is necessary to emphasize enthusiasm, dynamism and positivism.

Positive Vibes Track. A motivational and uplifting track that evokes the feeling of success, growth, hope, and accomplishment. Suitable to be used as a background for business presentations, corporate videos, commercials, and innovative product promos.

Such music will set a positive tone to your project and provide comfort to your audience. Make My Day. Inspirational and motivational track features muted and harmonics guitars, piano, drums. This track is a perfect background for TV commercials, promotional videos, presentations, royalty free podcast music and any other multimedia projects. Call To Action. Uplifting corporate track with a joyful melody, powerpoint presentations downloads, confident energy, and call to action mood.

Includes guitar harmonics parts, powerpoint presentations downloads, straight powerful drumbeat, strong bass and piano. Will be perfect for various media projects like presentation, advertising, commercial, slideshow, successful startup ideas, powerpoint presentations downloads, and more.

Light and inspiring ambient track with soft piano and gentle synth pads on the background. Perfect for corporate media projects, romantic films, heartwarming advertising campaigns. Corporate Achievement. Soft and warm corporate music for promo, presentations, business projects, advertising, and powerpoint presentations downloads. Made with electric muted guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, and soft drums.

The Future Awaits. A retro-sounding pop-rock track with a confident, joyful, and motivational mood and influences of Smallville, Goo Goo Dolls. Pleasant background music for a happy-end story, motivational Powerpoint presentations downloads content, daily routine vlogs, road trip adventures, tv ads, radio commercials, new hope and dreams, powerpoint presentations downloads.

Highly Motivated, powerpoint presentations downloads. An upbeat, powerpoint presentations downloads, uplifting and motivational corporate track with a strong inspirational feel.

Ideal for background music to video content of brands, products or services. Would also work perfectly for commercials, TV ads, corporate presentations, YouTube videos and more. Top Business. This motivational and inspiring track will make your projects sound awesome!

Great for corporate uses, successful projects, presentations, technology videos, interview, bright startups, fantastic time and as music for podcasts. Twinkling Powerpoint presentations downloads. This is the fashion electronic music track with atmospheric synthesizers excellent drums and positive powerpoint presentations downloads. Suitable for your summer projects, commercial videos, chill afterparty, inspiration playlist, sensual dance, and stylish events.

Ambient Aspire. This is calm, peaceful and beautiful background music with soft and ambient mood. This gentle atmospheric track can be perfect background music for any project like inspirational narration, presentation, travel video, catchy Youtube story, and other lovely media.

Look Deeper. This lounge royalty-free music can perfectly fit for bar and lobby as background audio, for travel and vacation videos, sexy and beautiful videos, traffic jam, nature and ocean views, hotel and SPA presentations, as on-hold music for call center and elevator, or other multimedia projects.

Close To The Powerpoint presentations downloads. Light, inspiring atmospheric track with soft piano and gentle pads on the background, perfect for your media project! Natural and Organic. A light and spacey atmospheric track that is suitable as background music in a wide range of productions.

An excellent choice for organic living, powerpoint presentations downloads, energy-saving devices, green technologies, eco house, on-hold music services, social media content, and more. Sunset Soul. This is summer pop and soul music with warm and chill atmosphere. This royalty free track can perfectly fit as background audio for any atmospheric and scenery powerpoint presentations downloads, sunset or sunrise videos, beach, resort spa or ocean view videos, videos from high perspectives, videos from drone, romantic, travel, lifestyle videos.

Summer Jam. Strong upbeat background pop dance track with a great mood of confidence, inspiring success, power and energy. It includes electric guitar parts, straight powerful drumbeat, strong bass and synth section.

Will be perfect for various media projects like Youtube lifestyle videos, modern advertising, commercial, summer clubs, pool party, travel activities, etc. I Can Feel It. Calm instrumental electronica music theme with comforting, relaxed hi-tech feel. The mid-tempo arrangement features a soft electronic sound.

Perfect for background use in a promotional video, technology review vlog or podcast, business presentation, training powerpoint presentations downloads, music on hold, as well as more medial projects where you need a mild background sound. Make You Smile. Happy, lighthearted, uplifting, and upbeat acoustic indie folk track, with a beautiful catchy melody, full of joy, loving and positive mood, fresh, light and sweet feel, easy-going and hopeful atmosphere, flyaway and bouncy rhythm, featuring ukulele, acoustic guitar, solo nylon guitar, hand claps, atmospheric pads, and upbeat drums!

Perfect royalty-free music for summer videos, tv advertising, happy YouTube vlogs, kids activity, sale commercials, powerpoint presentations downloads, cartoon animation, and other media projects. In Peaceful Mood. This is peaceful and focused corporate background music with warm and beautiful atmospheric sound. This royalty free track will be perfect for business videos, marketing and powerpoint presentations downloads videos, inspiring and airy videos, travel vlogs, youtube and more.

Feel The Waves. A beautiful futuristic chill track, featuring dreamy synth, warm pads, a bright piano that create an uplifting mood. Ideal for technology commercials, scientific research, corporate presentation, voice-overs, as on-hold music for sophisticated projects, VIP style, etc.

Digital Design. Light electronic track with a calm and modern melody. The composition is suitable for technology and corporate projects. Excellent background music for radio productions, web-programs ads, real-estate video, TV commercials, car-rental YouTube channels, inspire movies scenes. This Is Corporation. Inspirational, motivational and light background tune with beautiful and atmospheric melody. Good production audio powerpoint presentations downloads the slideshow, presentation, youtube, advertising, business project, motivational and successful videos, inspiring moments, bright achievements, film scores.

I used electric guitar, muted guitar, piano, staccato strings, bass, drums, Glock, bright pads. Beautiful Sun Rising. This is calm, positive, electronic pop music in the modern corporate style. For A Powerpoint presentations downloads Future. Inspiring and motivational corporate music. You can use this track as a background in your projects, technology videos, slideshows, TV or advert, music for podcasts intros and phone hold music, music license for small business.

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powerpoint presentations downloads


The Best Free Presentation Software app downloads for Windows: PowerPoint Viewer Microsoft Office PowerPoint Microsoft Office Publisher Powe. Microsoft PowerPoint is the best presentation software for meetings, industry talks and business proposals. Create simple slideshows or complex multimedia displays for in . Sound files are perfect to insert into PowerPoint for many uses. Note: To play midi files, we suggest you download the Windows Media Player here. You can insert midi files (very small size) into PowerPoint presentations for great music effects for opening slides.