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Adventure Travel International international travel agency business plan executive summary. Adventure Travel International (ATI) is a start-up travel agency that specializes in adventure tourism and travel. ›› DECA GUIDE INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PLAN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PLAN IBP The International Business Plan involves the development of a proposal to start a new business venture in an international setting. It may be a new business or a new product or service of an existing business. International Marketing Plan Template – 11+ Free Sample, Example, Format Download! It is certain that you have always wished that you could sell your business to the international market. The good news is that with an international marketing plan, you dream to take that business to .

It was subsequently published by Aspen Law and Business. All rights reserved. I looked out the window of a parked plane, at a dark, international business plan template, drizzly airport in Rio de Janeiro.

Whatever spectacular views there might have been were obscured in low-hanging clouds. I was half a day from my starting point and still several hours from my eventual destination, Buenos Aires. As I looked into the dampness outside the plane, I worried about exactly the same subject as discussed in this chapter—business planning for the international international business plan template. Apple Computer, which was then riding the height of its success in the late s, had hired me to travel to Argentina to instruct its local dealers on business planning.

Why not? I had lived in Mexico, spoke fluent Spanish, and had written books on business planning. As a consultant, I had helped Apple develop its annual Latin American business plan for four years running. I had also developed the specialized software Apple dealers were using to do annual business plans. What I worried about, however, that particular morning at the airport, was exactly that same question: why not?

So I worried. Even though accounting practices and tax treatments may vary widely from country to country, the techniques of business planning are far more international than country-specific.

That Buenos Aires occasion was the first of many. In the following three years I gave business planning seminars in eight different Latin American countries, and five in Asia for four different computer manufacturer sponsors. At each one, international business plan template, I dealt with a few dozen computer dealers who ran their small businesses in their local markets.

InI did another series of seminars in Europe and Latin America for software company owners. As I presented business planning and we discussed the specifics of their markets and their businesses, the techniques held up.

A good international business plan template is essentially a good plan, or not, depending on a lot of factors besides tax treatments and accounting practices. How different is that business plan from a business plan developed for a strictly domestic business? However, we can be more specific than that. We can look at what kinds of differences there might be and how you might accommodate those differences.

Currency exchange rates are the first thing that concerns most people as they consider an international-oriented business plan. How do I handle currency exchange rates? How much does this influence my plan?

Can I do a standard plan when I deal with currency exchange rates? Currency fluctuations can be critical in international business. Changes in currency can mean changes in your costs and expenses, your sales, international business plan template, and even the value of your assets and international business plan template. For example, suppose you are importing handicrafts from Mexico. Your costs are mainly in Mexican pesos. If you think the peso is going to increase in value, you want to buy up bowls and convert them to inventory quickly.

If you think the peso international business plan template going to decrease in value, then you want to postpone your purchases to reduce the ultimate cost. The problem with currency fluctuations, however, is a classic problem of guessing the future. Like prices in the stock market, currency exchange rates are a guessing game. Guess right, and you make money. Guess wrong, and you lose.

In the larger international businesses, predicting and managing currency exchange can be critical. When I was consulting to Apple Japan in the early s, chief financial officer Judy David produced substantial profits, occasionally comparable to the profits from the computer business, with astute currency management.

This involved detailed programs international business plan template keep assets in whichever currency seemed likely to increase in value and liabilities in currencies likely to decrease in value. When I was with McKinsey Management Consulting in Mexico City inI saw major companies lose millions of dollars when the peso devalued, catching them with assets in pesos and liabilities in dollars. As critical as currency exchange may be in your business, its specific treatment in your business plan is not much different than how a wheat farmer would treat fluctuations in the market price of wheat.

To understand that, you should first recognize that regardless of how international your business might be, you are still going to do your books and report your numbers to the tax authorities in a single international business plan template. If you are based in the United States, your business plan should be in dollars.

So where does the currency exchange come in? That depends on your business. Some businesses buy products in foreign markets and bring them into the United States to sell. Some export products made in the United States and sell them in foreign markets.

You can sometimes be involved in multiple currencies, three or four in a single transaction. For example, you can buy computer circuit boards made in three countries and other hardware made in a fourth and a fifth, and then manufacture computers somewhere else and sell them in more than one country.

In all these cases, however, if you are based in the United States then you are still going to have to translate all your currencies into dollars for your plan, your accounting, and your taxes.

In Figure 1 the sales forecast consists of projections for unit sales, dollar revenues per unit sold, total dollar sales, dollar costs per unit sold, and of course total dollar costs of sales. Figure 1: The sales forecast consists of projections for unit sales, international business plan template revenues per unit sold, total dollar sales, dollar costs per unit sold, and total dollar costs of sales.

Figure 2 shows a simple two-row table for handling the currency exchange rates in the LivePlan user-added table. Use the Table menu to select the user-added table. Going back then to the sales forecast in Figure 1, focus on the second group from the bottom, the dollar costs per unit sold.

Notice how these costs change in March when both currencies looking at Figure 2 again change. You can work this into your business plan with some simple formula mechanics:. Figure 1 international business plan template an example of currency rates affecting costs of goods sold.

Even without the specific details, you can imagine how to handle a business in which currency rates affect expenses instead of costs of goods. In this case, for LivePlan purposes, your expenses are included in the Profit and Loss table instead of the Sales Forecast table. You can use a formula similar to the one in the example above to make expenses in the Profit and Loss change when the Peso or Quetzal rates change. Accountants talk about costs as the cost of what you sell, and expenses are the operating expenses related to running the business.

In the import example, an operating expense running in Pesos might be the rental of an office suite in Mexico City, with a voice mail box, for pesos per month. Exactly as with the products in the detailed example, the dollar international business plan template would change when the peso rate changes. Looking at these examples, you can imagine how to handle a situation in which you are exporting United States goods to other markets.

You would take your international business plan template price estimate in the second block of the Sales Forecast table and create a formula calculating dollars from Pesos much like your formula that calculates dollars for pesos in costs. In all of the examples above, the business plan mechanics are relatively simple.

The thinking can be quite complex, and the significance of planning and forecasting is huge. At this point in the example the mechanics end and the planning begins. The problem is not a problem of software or formulas; it is a problem of projecting rate fluctuations in the future.

Guessing currency exchange rates is a major field of study and investment, every bit as much as guessing the future of interest rates. Factors affecting a change in currency exchange include political factors, economic factors, market factors, international business plan template psychological factors. As an example, in the s I was living in Mexico and writing for Business Week magazine, international business plan template.

The Mexican Peso had traded at In the United States dropped the gold standard and currencies began to fluctuate more than they had. By the peso was still stuck to The economics suggested a devaluation bybut politics kept the peso unchanged until the presidency changed hands in The peso dropped about half its value, meaning it took more than 20 pesos to equal a dollar. To guess the timing of the devaluation that eventually took place, one had to guess the flow of dollars and pesos and political will as well.

The business plan in the example needs to deal with the possibility of changes in exchange rates affecting costs. How do you price your goods in dollars when your costs are in other currencies?

Do you commit to steady unchanging prices? This is not an unusual problem. The business plan mechanics are easy, but the related decisions are not. Aside from currency exchange, some international business plans must also deal with different tax and accounting practices. Still, the business plan for a U. It is very significant for accounting and calculating tax burdens, international business plan template.

However, in business planning, you are looking ahead and planning business decisions, not reporting to tax authorities. While you might use additional formulas to calculate your taxes, international business plan template, for planning purposes they are still going to be summarized in a single line towards the bottom of your profit and loss statement.

Using LivePlan, you could use the row in the Cash Flow worksheet to calculate the VAT or other taxes in more detail, and then run the results over to the tax line in your Profit and Loss. Then you subtract interest and taxes to calculate net profits. In general, as you plan the international business there is more uncertainty than with the strictly-domestic business. You have the immediate impact of currency exchange rates to start with.

Then you add in some extra problems with estimating costs, sales, international business plan template, and expenses, international business plan template. Also, there are factors affected by when you translate your foreign currency elements into dollars. The problems of estimating your business numbers are relatively easy to understand.

When you buy your goods in Mexico and Guatemala, international business plan template, you are farther away from your suppliers. When you sell your goods in Japan or Europe, international business plan template have a different view of the same problem.



international business plan template


Adventure Travel International international travel agency business plan executive summary. Adventure Travel International (ATI) is a start-up travel agency that specializes in adventure tourism and travel. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PLAN Global Marketing Strategies. All rights reserved. TABLE OF CONTENTS. PLAN. This is a sampble of 18 pages out of 97 of the. Mar 30,  · Free International Business PowerPoint template is a free global business template for PowerPoint presentations that you can download for global presentation needs. This free global business PPT template has a globe image and blue background color for serious business/5(18).