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Daily use of marijuana among non-college young adults at all time high (September 05, ) drug use data shows clear differences in substance use trends . The United States justice system tries drug offenses on a daily basis, primarily through state courts. Because the vast majority of drug offenses are state cases rather than federal cases, individuals convicted of these crimes are largely tried and sentenced at the discretion of their local justice systems. Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse Articles Subscribe to BlogOur goal here at requiread-w.ga is to share up to date information on teenage substance abuse, alcohol abuse and rehab requiread-w.gaibe now to receive updates when we post new articles on teen drug abuse and teenage drinking.

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Synthetic marijuana liquid is a particularly troubling form of pot because it is impossible to know exactly what is in it and people can conceal it by vaping, drug news articles. E-cigarettes do not give off smoke or odor, which means users can get away with vaping liquid synthetic marijuana out in the open.

Synthetic pot first came on the scene several years ago and was sold legally as potpourri or incense with catchy names like K2 and Spice. The makers of these products created synthetic compounds similar to natural cannabinoids, the psychoactive compounds found in marijuana.

Lawmakers have struggled to keep up with outlawing the products, as once a single compound is made illegal the drug makers simply design a new one. For years there has been a back-and-forth battle to get these dangerous products out of the hands of teens. They are particularly dangerous because the exact chemical makeup of any one product is never certain and they have been known to cause:. The original synthetic marijuana products looked like marijuana.

The makers of these products use a random blend of dried drug news articles material and then spray it with synthetic compounds. Users smoke it like they would natural marijuana. Liquid solutions of the synthetic compounds are now being sold, officially as herbal incense, but really as a way to get high using e-cigarettes.

Vaping with e-cigarettes involves heating a cartridge of liquid and inhaling the resulting vapor. The user exhales mostly water vapor and there is no odor or smoke. E-cigarettes are supposed to contain liquid vials with dissolved nicotine, but they can be easily replaced with liquid synthetic marijuana, drug news articles.

Law enforcement agencies and lawmakers are already scrambling to outlaw the latest synthetic marijuana, but it is tough to keep up with a changing market. Parents must take responsibility for educating their teens and for being aware of what they are doing.

As parents, drug news articles, we want to do all we can to protect our children and encourage them to grow up to be strong, self-assured and self-confident individuals who can make wise choices in an increasingly complex world.

Somewhere along the line, however, many parents — especially mothers — veer toward being much more overprotective than is actually healthy for their children. But the advice from mental health experts is that Continue Reading.

A new drug prevention program has been created to teach middle school and high school students about the dangers of abusing prescription opiates. This new program was created to address the growing number of prescription drug overdose deaths in the United States, particularly from narcotic drugs.

Prescription drugs were responsible for Continue Reading. It may seem silly, but if you have a teenager, you need to talk to him about the dangers of abusing over-the-counter cough and cold medicines. Although a number of brands and generic products can be abused this way, drug news articles common slang term for any such cold drug news articles is triple C.

Stats about teen substance abuse tell us that young people really do abuse these medicines to get high, drug news articles, and the risks are serious. Learn more about this phenomenon and then talk to your teen to keep him protected. Continue Reading. Bullying of all kinds has become a prominent issue in the news, drug news articles, and putting a stop to widespread bullying has become a priority of various public awareness campaigns and legislative efforts.

Despite these efforts, new research from Clemson University suggests drug news articles bullying, particularly in schools, drug news articles, is still a major problem.

The Clemson study looked at a representative sample of 2, Olweus Bullying Questionnaires selected from more thanquestionnaires. The researchers found that around 22 Continue Reading.

Peer pressure and substance abuse go hand-in-hand for many teens, which means that too many put their lives and futures at risk by drinking. Underage drinking is nothing new. Kids have always experimented with substance abuse, drug news articles, and drinking is at the top of the list for a number of reasons.

Teens can usually access alcohol fairly easily and they tend to assume that drinking is safer than substance abuse. Learn the facts about teen drinking and convince the young people in drug news articles life to abstain. Teen consumption of e-cigarettes electronic cigarettes is clearly on the rise, especially in the state of Hawaii, according to recent findings from the National Institute on Drug Abuse and two additional U.

E-cigarettes are cigarette substitutes that contain nicotine and a number of other secondary ingredients. While some researchers tout the use of these products as a safer alternative to cigarettes or as a means to quit using cigarettes, drug news articles, others express reservations about the known and unknown harms associated with their intake.

Teenagers who view and respond favorably to televised alcohol advertisements have significantly elevated chances of participating in binge drinking and heavy drinking, according drug news articles current findings issued by a team of American and German researchers. Teens who drug news articles alcohol are considered high-risk for the eventual onset of diagnosable drinking problems, especially when they Continue Reading.

Polydrug users, also known as polysubstance users, seriously increase their exposure to substance-related harm by Continue Reading. The presence of insomnia or other sleeping problems substantially increases the odds that a teenager will binge drink and experience a range of alcohol-related harms, drug news articles, current research indicates.

For a variety of reasons, teenagers have significant chances of Continue Reading. Substance Abuse: Teenagers and Risky Behavior, drug news articles. Reward Processing Connected to Depression in Adolescents. Subscribe now to receive updates when we post new articles on teen drug abuse and teenage drinking.

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drug news articles


Sep 04,  · Read the latest articles and commentary about drug abuse at US News. Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse Articles Subscribe to BlogOur goal here at requiread-w.ga is to share up to date information on teenage substance abuse, alcohol abuse and rehab requiread-w.gaibe now to receive updates when we post new articles on teen drug abuse and teenage drinking. All the latest breaking news on Drugs. Browse The Independent’s complete collection of articles and commentary on Drugs. Ian Hamilton Do you actually care about the record number of drug.