A Case of Dissociative Amnesia With Dissociative Fugue and Treatment With Psychotherapy


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Amnesia is a popular plot device in movies and television, but real-life instances of memory loss are arguably more bizarre than anything seen on the screen. a case of herpes encephalitis Author: Mindy Weisberger. A Collective Case Study of the Diagnosis of Dissociative Disorders in Children by Jacqueline J. Reycraft A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Department of Counselor Education College of Education University of South Florida Major Professor: Herbert A. Exum, Ph.D. Aug 07,  · Transient global amnesia is a syndrome of temporary and reversible disruption of short-term memory accompanied by repetitive questioning. Although the etiology is unknown, the prognosis usually benign, and no particular treatment is required, it is .

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Today's Date: September 13, Pages: 1 amnesia case studies 3, amnesia case studies. Amnesia involves profound memory loss, amnesia case studies, which is usually caused by physical brain injury, diseases that attack the brain, or the effects of drugs that alter brain function. Amnesia can also have psychological causes, such as traumatic and emotional events. There are many kinds of amnesia that create different symptoms, sometimes symptoms lasting temporary e.

In most cases, amnesia occurs mainly because of damage to the brain that result in hindered brain function, especially in terms of functionality related to long and short-term memory. There are several types of amnesia but mainly if individuals with amnesia exhibit a severe impairment of new learning in other word inability to formation of new enduring declarative memories, it is anterograde amnesia. As opposite form of amnesia, on the other hand, if individuals with amnesia cannot remember previously familiar information or the episodic memory preceding brain damage it is retrograde amnesia.

Amnesia can affect anyone, occur at any age. Moreover due to its variety of causes, the processing of the amnesia is also variable. Although individuals with amnesia can exhibit preserved intelligence, reasoning abilities, attention and remote memoryit is clear that the memory loss is the main issue of amnesia, amnesia case studies. People with amnesia cannot keep their job due to their memory loss and impaired memory capacity after the onset of brain damage, family of amnesic people also suffer from the dependence of their life activates which is especially related with memory function.

The initial questions of this study are whether amnesia is healed? How is amnesia treated? Through literature review, particularly by case study review, this study explores some rehabilitation interventions for individuals with amnesia. Methods Case study I Although learning new information is impaired in severe anterograde amnesia case studies, it seems that most amnesic individuals with damage to the medial temporal lobe the amnesia case studies region, entorhinal, perirhinal, and parahippocampal cortices have some capacity to learn new information.

Bayley and Squire tested new semantic learning in an amnesic patient, E. At the time of study, E. In order to compare E. Although E. P improved gradually and unmistakably across the sessions. However, results presented that E. Authors suggested that factual information can be acquired not only by declarative memory but also by non-declarative memory. Case study II Although the study of Baley et al. Patient E, amnesia case studies.

Stark and colleagues explained this problem as due to artificially eliminated variability during errorless learning procedures. With a modification of the paradigm of Baley et al. During eight test sessions, T. Results of this study suggested that the variance condition in the training set not only helped T. All Rights Reserved. Advanced Search. Advanced search All these words. Date to. Author Exact author.

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amnesia case studies


Case studies have played a large role in the discovery of amnesia and the parts of the brain that were affected. The studies gave important insight into how amnesia affects the brain. The studies also gave scientists the resources into improving their knowledge about amnesia Specialty: Psychiatry, Neurology. Amnesia is a popular plot device in movies and television, but real-life instances of memory loss are arguably more bizarre than anything seen on the screen. a case of herpes encephalitis Author: Mindy Weisberger. May 28,  · At present, the diagnosis of dissociative amnesia with dissociative fugue depends on the identification of severe retrograde amnesia in the absence of anterograde amnesia or other cognitive impairments, and the absence of a causative brain lesion. 12 As depicted in this case, the most consistently successful treatment appears to be removal of Cited by: 1.